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icey seeneree · penguin
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from the penguin republic


welcome to the embassy of the penguin republic! the population of the penguin republic is large and ever growing, yet each penguin is one of a kind.

due to their migratory nature, many citizens of the penguin republic are up for adoption. their marked uniqueness, longevity, and cheerful nature make them a welcome addition to any family!

the penguin republic is an autonomous speculumity of the planet earth.

speculumity (from the latin word 'speculum', meaning 'copy, imitation; mirror, reflector') is an undefined area that encompasses a defined area, and acts as a mirror of such. 

the inhabitants of a speculumity are referred to as speculumites, and they are living reflections of the inhabitants, creations and lifestyle of the territory that their speculumity surrounds. some are rather precise reflections, while others are more abstract. 

the extent to which a speculumite reflects any given element depends on the intensity of unique vibes (uv) present at the moment of creation. correspondingly, each speculumite is rated according to what is known as the uv index, which works on a point system of 1 to 3. a high rating indicates a high amount of reflection detail, while a low rating denotes a less intense reflection.
as its name suggests, the penguin republic is inhabited by penguins. these penguins are speculumites of earth proper. 

just as all things on earth are unique, so are all penguins of the penguin republic. scientists have done extensive studies of the species, and have never found any two to be identical.

the average penguin is about 6.5 cm (2½") tall and weighs approximately 10 grams. their skeletal and internal system is composed of natural birch. the epidermis is made up of acrylic paint.
upon creation, citizens of the penguin republic are issued a passport which is recognized by most planets in the universe. as penguins remain virtually unchanged in appearance as they age, passports of the penguin republic are valid for the entire lifespan of the holder.

the penguin republic is an independent and democratic nation. the head of state of the penguin republic is the president. the current president is mr. pen gwinster.

this penguin is currently residing at the penguin republic embassy located at the studio in vilnius, lithuania, and is ready for immediate departure.
all penguins available for adoption possess valid passports and are transported to their new guardian in a modern and cozy adoption capsule.

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