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romance on the «sputnik» express | podstakannik goblet

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design: ona

it all started in russia in the mid-19th century… while women stuck to traditional cups and saucers for their tea, it became fashionable among men to use… glasses. but tea is hot! thus, the podstakannik, a metal holder that transforms a simple glass into a proper vessel. but what’s a man to do if he prefers wine to tea? look no further! our romance on the «sputnik» express podstakannik will turn your glass into an elegant goblet, so that you can drink your wine like a true gentleman — whether you’re on a train or not. hand crafted. unisex. nickel plated bronze. limited edition; edition number is engraved on the bottom of each piece. traditional russian glass [“гранёный стакан”] included. height with glass: 20.5 cm [8”]. black wooden storage case. sold individually or as a set of two.

$75.00 - 135.00

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